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Week 2 Action Request for 4 to 4 Campaign in Support of Amendment #935

Posted on 6/9/2014 in State Action Alert

We had a great response to Week 1 of our 4 to 4 Campaign in support of Budget Amendment #935 . Thank you to all who joined our advocacy effort and sent emails to their representatives urging support of our legislation to remove restrictive and antiquated practice requirements for APNs in Massachusetts.

We now have just 3 weeks left to influence whether or not Amendment #935 will remain in the final state budget and be signed into law by the governor.

As anticipated, we faced fierce opposition over the past week. We have been informed that the medical community is pushing very hard for defeat of the amendment with intense lobbying throughout the State House.

Our voices must be louder and stronger if we want to succeed in passing this legislation.

We are still working to generate support in the House; and since the Governor will have to approve and sign the final budget, we need to lay the groundwork for his eventual support of the Amendment as well.
Our Week 2 Request is that you send 2 more emails:
The first is to your state legislator with a NEW message about our legislation.
        The second
is to Governor Patrick so that he is familiar with the text of the
        amendment, recognizes what it can do for the citizens of the Commonwealth,
        and understands how important it is to you as a voter.
Both emails have been pre-formatted on the MCNP website Action Center and combined will take less than 1 minute to send.
Let's build on the momentum from last week and ensure that legislators hear from all Massachusetts APNs!

Please forward this email to your APN colleagues and encourage them to advocate for Amendment #935.

CLICK HERE to send an email your state representative.

CLICK HERE to send an email Governor Duval Patrick.

Thank you!