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4 to 4 Advocacy Campaign in Support of Amendment #935

Posted on 6/2/2014 in State Action Alert

It's time for advanced practice nurses to declare our independence from restrictive practice requirements!
By July 4th, our fate will be decided.
We have just 4 weeks until a June 30th deadline to muster as much support as we can for our legislation - filed as Amendment #935 in the state budget and now subject to debate by a conference committee.

To be very clear, the conference committee is where our legislation will live or die. This is where our opposition will attack. This is where we must stay on the offensive and reach out in even greater numbers to members of the House, the chamber where support for the bill has not been as strong.
With only 4 weeks remaining before the budget will be finalized, we ask you to join our
4 to 4 Campaign to drive this legislation home and commit to responding to each of our action alerts over the next 4 weeks.

Our Week 1 Request is that you send an email to your state representatives so that they understand what this legislation is really about and not be swayed by what our opposition would like them to think it is about.

Let's make independent practice authority a reality for all Massachusetts APNs and make this Independence Day one that we can really celebrate!

Click Here to send a pre-formatted email now.