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Please Support Senator Richard Moore's Senate Budget Amendment #935

Posted on 5/18/2014 in State Action Alert

On Friday 5/16/14, Senator Richard Moore filed Amendment # 935 to the Senate Budget that would require a Senate vote on our bill,H. 2009/ S.1079, An Act Improving the Quality of Health Care and Reducing Costs.

This strategy was meant to ensure forward progress ofour legislation in the event it is not released favorably from the Joint Committee on Public Health.

Since initial Senate review of this amendment will begin on Monday 5/19, your emails could not be more important or timely; and it is critical that you contact you State Senator NOW.

Organized medicine is presenting strong opposition to the removal of the physician supervision requirement for APNs in Massachusetts claiming:
     - You aren't educated enough.
     - You won't continue to collaborate or work in care teams.
     - You cannot safely care for patients without supervision.

Unless you take the time to communicate with your Senator, the only voice that will be heard is the one that wants to keep yousubject to antiquated licensing requirements.

Please take ONE MINUTE and send your State Senator an email requesting support of Amendment # 935.

Act Now and do not wait for someone else to protect your practice.

CLICK HERE to send a pre-formatted email NOW.

There is also an email that is formatted for your Friends and Family to do the same.

ank you for your advocacy!