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Governor Charlie Baker Awarded AANP 2021 State Advocate Award for Excellence

Posted on 10/29/2020 in State Legislative News

MCNP Congratulates Governor Charlie Baker as the 2021 Recipient
of the AANP State Advocate Award for Excellence

MCNP is excited to share that Governor Charlie Baker has been chosen by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners as the 2021 recipient of their State Advocate Award for Excellence.  Presented annually, this prestigious award is given to an individual in each state who has made a significant contribution toward increasing awareness and recognition of Nurse Practitioners.

Governor Baker has been a long-time supporter of scope of practice reform for Nurse Practitioners in Massachusetts and has consistently recognized the importance of increasing patient access to high quality nurse practitioner care to help decrease health care costs and address inequities in access to care for vulnerable populations.
His efforts to advance this change included language in his last two healthcare bills to remove scope of practice restrictions for Nurse Practitioners.
This has also been demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic with his Executive Order issued on March 26,2020 that suspended supervisory requirements for prescriptive practice for NPs with at least 2 years of prescribing experience. He reiterated the importance of making this a permanent change in his recent opening remarks at the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission's 2020 Cost Trends Hearing (video below).
His forward-thinking leadership around healthcare reform and recognition of the role of NPs in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic have helped break down barriers and create an environment in which the Massachusetts legislature is more receptive to scope of practice reform. 
When full practice authority for Nurse Practitioners becomes a reality in Massachusetts, there is no doubt that Governor Baker's leadership will have played an important role in its passage.

The MCNP will be honoring Governor Baker during a virtual reception in the coming weeks.  We are hopeful that many of you will plan to attend to show your appreciation and support.  Details surrounding the time and date will be shared, for those interested in participating, once finalized.

Our congratulations to Governor Baker for this most deserved award and gratitude for his advocacy efforts for our patients and profession.

The Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
Governor Baker Delivers Remarks to Health Policy Commission's
2020 Cost Trends Hearing