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MCNP PAC Launches Summer Fundraising Drive

Posted on 7/16/2021


The passage of Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners in Massachusetts was a HUGE victory for the MCNP but does not mark the end of our legislative advocacy efforts. 

So that we can effectively represent Nurse Practitioner interests and maintain our hard-earned presence at the State House, it is critical that we continue to nurture relationships with key legislators.
The MCNP Political Action Committee remains committed to this effort and has represented MCNP at frequent political fundraising events since the start of this year, having donated close to $3,500 to elected officials who serve in leadership positions on Beacon Hill.

These events allow MCNP representatives to have valuable facetime with key legislators and help advance the MCNP legislative agenda.

In order to continue this important work, the MCNP PAC needs to replenish its cash reserves; and since campaign finance law prohibits t
he PAC from using MCNP membership dues for political donations, has to rely on contributions from members and supporters.

The MCNP PAC is offering 
Great MCNP Summer Swag Items as a special thanks to those who make a donation to the PAC during our Summer Fundraising drive. (And MCNP Fleece Vests & Jackets are still available for those looking forward to the cooler weather!)

Click on the link below to make a secure donation by credit card and select your swag!