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MA Health Policy Commission Releases 2021 Annual Health Care Cost Trends Report

Posted on 9/17/2021

The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission met yesterday and recommended a series of steps intended to respond to the continually rising cost of health care in Massachusetts.

Recommendations from their 2021 Annual Health Care Cost Trends Report are aimed at addressing cost containment, affordability, and health equity with targets including:

  • Placing price caps for the most expensive providers
  • Providing greater scrutiny around hospital outpatient and ambulatory care expansions
  • Requiring new affordability standards for health plans
  • Reducing and eliminating low value care services
  • Increasing investment in primary care and behavioral health services
  • Improving access to behavioral health services
  • Addressing Social Determinants of Health
  • Reducing Pharmaceutical Drug Spending

to download the Executive Summary and VISIT THE HPC WEBSITE for the full report and additional reference materials.