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Keisha S.

Keisha S.

Norfolk, NE


Adult, Family, Pediatric, Women's Health

About the preceptor Keisha is looking for:

Located near Norfolk, NE.

I am seeking preceptor (FNP, MD, PA-C) with at least one year experience. I am seeking placement for my last two rotations May 3 - June 26, 2021 and July 5 - Aug 28, 2021 as a Chamberlain FNP Student. I am no longer working to ensure that I can meet the clinical requirements of 125 hours per rotation and in order to not limit my potential site locations as I am willing to drive outside of Norfolk, Nebraska. My preceptor can work in internal medicine (one or both rotations), family practice (one or both rotations), women's health (limit one rotation if offered), or urgent care (limit one rotation if offered). An ideal patient load would be at least two patients per hour most hours, but if patient load is less I can be at office more days to meet hours. I am most familiar with EPIC electronic health record, but I can easily learn other systems.